Making Our World A Happier Place

Being sustainable and putting the earth first is a huge priority of ours. So, we are extremely proud to be a “Sustainable Salon”! So, what does that mean? It means we recycle just about EVERYTHING in the salon! With the assistance of Sustainable Salons Australia, we are able to recycle hair, plastics, metals, paper, sharps, electrical, chemicals… and the list goes on! We collect and separate all waste in the salon, for SSA to collect and distribute to the relevant recycling organisations. Any money raised from recycling processes i.e. aluminium plants or the resale of copper from tools and electrical, goes to feeding the hungry via our friends at Oz Harvest! We can also donate your hair! Those tiny strands from your 5 weekly trim go straight to creating booms that are used do absorb oil spills in the ocean. Even more exciting is that we can donate ponytails to Variety Australia. These go towards making wigs for kids who need them! The work they do for our community and our planet is phenomenal! To get the complete low down and to see how your visit to a Sustainable Salon will impact the future, visit their website: